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Nastda Holding and Specialty Group join investment to drive health and beauty research-based products in the BCG economic model.


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Nastda Holding Company Limited (NASTDA Holding) and Specialty Group join hands to invest in Wellnovations Company Limited (Wellnovations) to promote and support research and development projects by adding value and upgrading Thai herbs to be used in health and beauty products in responding to the BCG economic model policy.

( 1 November 2021) Mr. Chalermpol Tuchinda, Assistant Director of the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and the acting chief executive officer of Nastda Holding Company Limited revealed that Nastda Holding Company Limited is a wholly-owned VC company established by the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) in September 2020 with a purpose to serve as an investment vehicle to further support the utilization of research-backed businesses to advance technology businesses in Thailand for the country’s competitiveness as part of the 20-year national strategic plan.

Nastda Holding company has a mission to promote and scale-up research, technology, and innovation to benefit Thailand’s economy and society through sustainable investments in technology businesses. At the same time, the invested businesses will also benefit from our linkage of various supporting mechanisms of NSTDA, partners, and networks to strengthen the product/process development and the growth of the businesses.

The investments focus on Modern agriculture, future food, health and Wellness, Energy, Environment, Advanced Materials, and service platforms.  

With outstanding strengths in science, technology, innovation in quality product development, and product with an extensive network in domestic and international markets. We are pleased to announce our co-investment with the Specialty group. We believe that with our shared vision to scale up, strengthen and utilize research and development the co-investment will be a springboard for lab-to-market encouraging close collaboration between businesses and research lab, hence, creating a leading launchpad for Thai herbs to health and beauty quality products to meet the needs of the global market.

Wellnovations Co., Ltd is the first venture of Nastda Holding where it invested and holds 30% equity. Wellnovations will be a mechanism for product development and marketing to stimulate and enhance research technology of Thai herbs in the field of cosmeceuticals (Cosmeceuticals) Supplements (Nutraceuticals) and medical food. Combining outstanding research and development of various technologies such as nanotechnology and biotechnology with excellent operations platform and market expertise will add value and high yield leading to a growth potential on the economy and society impacts in line with the country’s BCG policy.

Ms. Teeraya Krisadapong, Company Director Wellnovations Co., Ltd. said that the cooperation of Specialty Group and Nastda Holding company led to the establishment of Wellnovation. The synergy of the Leading manufacturer of standardized herbal extracts for health, beauty, comprehensive medical treatment, and a linkage to leading research organizations will create the best-in-class quality products from nature in the form of innovative herbal products reinforcing confidence with scientific proof. The effectiveness and the safety are ensured with research & development and excellence end to end value chain from high-quality control herbal plantation, ingredients extraction, and product production

“We are ready to grow with our consumers, team, researchers, partners, and all Thai farmers. We want to make a difference and improve the quality of Thai farmers’ life through income distribution by providing knowledge and being the market for their crops. Despite the Coronavirus epidemic crisis affecting all lives, a growing number of high purchasing power from aging societies across the globe simulating a greater interest in health products along with the arising opportunity to build acceptance and confidence in Thai herbs. Thai food supplements for food and Beauty in 2020 had a market size of 667 billion baht with a growth projection of 3% – 7%. Whist the market size for the US is US$1.1 trillion also growing at 3% – 7%. China’s market is growing at 8.5% and it could reach US$200 billion by 2024. The situation serves as an opportunity and at the same time a challenge for Thailand to utilize scientific knowledge and research potential to add the value of Thai herbs to health and beauty products to gain acceptance and grow in the global markets.

Initially, Wellnovations Company will launch a group of food supplements innovative products with enhanced natural immunity malnourished using research projects and the latest innovations to continuously respond to the needs of consumers by December 2021. The product will target the elderly, malnourished, high-time demanding working people, and fitness enthusiasts in both local and international markets to capture the underserved markets. Awareness will be very important. At the same time educating consumers of the main food supplement products group will be offered through sales activities and promotions at the point of sale. A comprehensive marketing communication strategy approach of both “Above the line” (Traditional PR channel and onsite)” and “Below the line” (Online PR Channel) to create brand awareness and recognition will be deployed.

Wellnovations’ will register its outstanding innovation products under the trademark “Wellnova” will cover 3 product groups: Group 1, cosmeceutical products. (Cosmeceuticals) Group 2 food supplements (Nutraceuticals) Group 3 Medical foods. Scaling-up research technology for commercial purposes with the ability to scientifically measure and proven efficacy, safety traceability, and problem-solving effectiveness is an important part of the 4th factor to lead healthy living. Reinforcing the confidence “Wellnovations” is ready to drive continuous development and innovation, to create innovative products for Thailand Product Champion as an alternative to replace imported health and beauty products promoting the use of agricultural raw materials in the country and ultimately improving Thai Farmer crops quality and income and to increase country competitiveness in the health and beauty products industry.